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Hey i want to buy a pair of high flyer pigeon from you. I am in USA. can you shipped it for me in USA please let me know.

Thank you


i,m sri lanka i wanr\t buy same high fly send contect me 0777-534003

Me Farhat Baghoor MBA from Islamic International ,breeding pigeon for last 20 year ,i have every breed with good timing .good bird to fly in hard condition want to share breeds with somone who have good breed with good qualities .want indian billa,rampuri ,35 waly ,i have kumager orginal breed saved for 40 year by my uncle and salaty qasuri with evg flying time of 13-15 hour for 2 kili bacha ,crossed with sailkoti and white nail dumby indian parchase from jhalander ,i Love my birds want to permote my breeds at higher level .0300-9724578

Jee Mohammad send me mailing detail i will send u a pair.USA normal temp is low ,to cover whole day u need pegion which will come back till evening . breed with not Taaz blood .mean breed crossed intelligently to suit USA climate condition. u can call for further detail.

I have some Pakistani Highflyers for sale. I have a pair or 2 for sale really nice, Here is my email if anybody is interested. Zee209@live.com

hi iam in usa cal i want buy pare can u ship ple e mail,me yad_jhajj@hotmail.com thx

Sup this is teji wana paki pigeons call 916.296.6112. USA

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